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BetSport AI is developing the world’s best sports betting platform with the power of generative AI features players love such as real time AI betting odds as the games progress.

BetSport AI members compete for cash prizes every month.
No purchase is required to win real money at BetSport.AI.

Bet against our GenAI created bet offers in real time.
Bet against other BetSport AI members.
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We are building a more responsible way to enjoy online betting with our free to bet social sports betting sweepstakes model. Instead of gambling real money and risking big losses, you can enjoy free social sports betting with friends, rivals and even against our own generative AI in-game bet options.

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Bet live against the BetSport AI generated live betting options being generated as games change score.

Bet live against the BetSport AI with challenges that evolve as games progress. Our AI-generated live betting options constantly adapt to game changes, offering real-time excitement and unpredictability.

Responsible Gaming: Set Your Limits
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GenAI Streaming Betting Possibilities
Free Social Betting

Indulge in free social betting with friends and rivals. Enjoy the thrill of competition without any financial commitment, fostering a responsible and enjoyable betting community.

Peer to Peer Betting

Engage in peer-to-peer betting, where you can challenge others directly. This feature allows for a more personal and competitive betting experience.

Win Sweepstakes Real Cash Prizes

Participate in our monthly sweepstakes and win real cash prizes. The higher your ranking, the more entries you earn, making every game and bet count.

Compete to be ranked #1 every month to win real money

Strive to be the best by competing to be ranked #1 every month. Achieve the top rank and win real money prizes, reflecting your skills and achievements.

User ranks based on wins/losses each month

We keep track of user ranks based on wins and losses each month. Stay informed about your performance, and aim to improve and climb the ranks.

Generative AI Winner Predictions

Our Generative AI offers winner predictions, adding a new dimension to betting. Harness the power of AI-driven insights to make more informed bets.

Bet Against Others Users, Set Bet Parameters, Amount, Total # of Bets Accepted, Bet Experation

Challenge other users by setting your bet parameters, amounts, total number of bets accepted, and bet expiration. Customize your bets for a personalized experience.

Bet Against our AI handicapper. BetSport’s GenAI odds make creates a live stream of constantly changing betting options.

Bet against our AI handicapper, powered by BetSport’s GenAI. Experience a live stream of constantly changing betting options that reflect the real-time dynamics of the games.

Creating a Responsible Betting Platform with built-in protections

We’re committed to creating a responsible betting platform, with built-in protections. Enjoy the thrill of betting in a secure and responsible environment.

Why Choose Us

Choose BetSport AI for an innovative, safe, and engaging betting experience. We offer unique features like AI-generated challenges, social betting, and more.

Safe & Secure

Bet with confidence in our safe and secure platform. We prioritize your security, ensuring a reliable betting experience.

24×7 Support

We’re here for you, around the clock. Our 24×7 support ensures that help is always available, whenever you need it.

Responsible Betting

We promote responsible betting by offering features like free social betting and built-in protections. Enjoy the excitement of betting with a platform that puts responsibility first.

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